Stock Market Diploma

The diploma provides in-depth knowledge of the stock market, stock trading, and smart investing strategies. The diploma teaches the fundamentals of stocks and shares, as well as the differences between them, as well as currency conversion.


152 students


What you'll learn:

1) The stock market “the Stock Exchange.”
2) Read the stock exchange trading screen.
3) Trading contracts in securities companies

  • Brokerage contract.
  • Central custody contract.
  • Margin buying.
  • Short selling.

4) Subscription.
5) Fundamentals of Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
6) Reading the daily technical analysis report in making the investment decision.
7) Create an investment portfolio.

8) The role of supervision in the stock market
Internal control of securities companies.
The role of the Egyptian Stock Exchange in monitoring the listed companies.
The role of the Financial Supervisory Authority in the supervision of securities companies.

9) Attending the Egyptian Stock Exchange trading session and a practical application to form an investment portfolio during the trading session.